Taylor Hatch

Taylor Hatch - AustinDowntownLofts.comTaylor was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, spending enjoyable time outdoors, boating on the lakes and San Juan Islands, experiencing the live music scene and taking an active part in political and environmental issues. Living in the Rain for so long, he looked for the Sun and Southern California was it. He spent many years working in the music, film and television industry; from preproduction administration and promotion to lighting sets and assisting the director. He has also been a professional photographer and graphic artist when not doing Real Estate.

In a nut shell; Taylor is a grounded pragmatist with an idealistic heart, allowing him to be creative and visionary, yet objective with sound judgment, integrity and commitment to problem solving and listening to his client’s needs. His diverse background and experience, has provided him with the understanding of the human condition and serving others…After all Real Estate is a “service” industry, as much as it is “sales”.

Taylor was a large contributor in the development of apartmentsource.com, an internet site specializing in connecting landlords with tenants while he began investing in Real Estate, now over 10 years. His hands on experience in Renovating, Building Spec homes, Leasing management and the Mortgage industry has provided him a well rounded knowledge in the real estate market.

Since moving to Austin, he has seen an enormous growth in downtown and surrounding areas. “Besides Austin having a strong and diverse economy, it’s a great place to raise a family and there is a sense of community one doesn’t get in many other metro areas.” Taylor loves living in Austin for it mirrors the experience he had in Seattle.  He’s an avid bicyclist and is awed by all the parks and trails for outdoor activities. The genuine, happy and friendly Texans are such a delight to him and he feels so grateful that he is a part of this growing and prosperous community.

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