Ever Changing Austin Skyline

From KXAN News: Throughout the last 10 years, the Austin skyline has gone through a transformation.

More people and more foot traffic in the Second Street District is exactly what the city wanted to improve the quality of the life in the capital city.

“It’s changed a lot,” said Austinite Jennifer Perkins. “About 10 years ago, I worked at a telecom company right there in that building at 1st and Congress. On my lunch break everyday I would walk down around here but now 10 years later, it’s actually a lot nicer. I wish it was all here 10 years ago.”

In 10 years time, downtown has grown up, matured and has had international impact.

“It’s life. It’s a short distance to walk everywhere,” said Ania Uttervack. “I’m used to it because I’m from Europe and small shops, small cafes. It’s a lot of people and plenty to do. I like it.”

Many years ago the skyline was simple with only a handful of buildings. The Capitol and the then Black building were few of the tallest to touch the sky. Now you see the Frost building, the Austonian , the Ashton , condos, apartments, businesses and alot more people walking about.

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